UpRight DW Span Scaffold

July 20, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Scaffold News

Reaching high places is always a difficult obstacle for home maintenance or home renovation projects. For example, painting the siding near the top of a house, or the top of an interior wall in a home with high ceilings, requires a means of reaching the higher areas without jumping. Ladders are one possibility, but they tend to be inefficient. Ladders have limited foot space, allowing work to be done on only a small area at a time. This is followed by climbing down, moving the ladder, and climbing back up, which must be done several times. Leaning from a ladder to reach a little further sideways can be scary and dangerous.

An UpRight Scaffold solution can be a better option for such situations. UpRight Scaffolding Systems make it easy to reach those high places, especially for those of us who do not play in the NBA. An UpRight Aluminum Scaffold is safer than a ladder because it offers a much larger range of movement, has a broader base for stability, and does not require workers to lean away from the structure. UpRight Scaffolding Systems have an efficiency bonus over ladders as well. Their width allows for a worker to cover a much wider area before having to climb down and move the structure.

An Upright Scaffold can also make it easy to work with large or heavy objects such as sheets of drywall. Trying to climb a ladder with a sheet of drywall is virtually impossible. Drywall is heavy and carrying it up a ladder can be awkward, but climbing an UpRight Aluminum Scaffold and then pulling the drywall up is easy and carries little risk of falling. This is important for tasks such as painting or installing drywall on a ceiling. Workers using a scaffold can easily put the drywall in place, tape the seams, and paint the surface.

One type of scaffold is the UpRight DW Span Scaffold. DW stands for doublewide, indicating a width of just over 50 inches as opposed to the standard span of about 26 inches. Both systems are designed to be flexible, mobile, and convenient. The UpRight DW Span Scaffold and its cousins can be built to varying heights depending on what is needed for a specific project. It is also made to be easily portable. A single worker can move the system by carrying the platform and rolling the base.

Double-Wide Span Scaffold by UpRight

The UpRight DW Span Scaffold is not limited to construction projects. It can be used anywhere a person needs to reach a high, wide area. This could include cleaning the gutters, hanging curtains, trimming tall trees or bushes, or rescuing a kitten from a tree.

The Upright DW Span Scaffold works by placing a stable platform on a strong but light and easily moveable base. The sides double as vertical ladders, allowing workers to climb up and down quickly. Although this model is made so that it can be used by one person, the additional width allows two workers to comfortably fit side by side.

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