UpRight Boiler Access Scaffold

July 20, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Scaffold News

UpRight Quick Erect Boiler Access System

One of the best options for accessing high spaces is an UpRight Scaffold. UpRight Scaffolding systems offer a number of advantages over ladders, stilts, and other means of elevation. Ladders are inefficient because they are too narrow and allow only a limited amount of space to work before they have to be moved. They also pose more safety hazards because they can tip over and workers can fall if they lean too far to the side. An UpRight Scaffold is more stable and has a much wider work area, which makes it ideal for a lot of projects. The platform allows more room for workers to move back and forth and to store tools and materials. Scaffolds are popular in industries like construction. They may also be useful for homeowners who live in two-story houses or houses with high ceilings.


But what happens when a work area is too tight to accommodate standard UpRight Scaffolding Systems? This is where the UpRight Boiler Access Scaffold comes in handy. The UpRight Boiler Access Scaffold offers the same advantages as a single or double wide scaffold. It still has the solid, stable base, and even with its relatively narrow dimensions, it still allows more freedom of movement than a ladder. The only difference between a boiler access scaffold and a regular scaffold is that the former is designed to fit easily through small spaces like manholes.
The UpRight Boiler Access Scaffold takes its name from its primary purpose. It was designed for the power generation industry, which needs some means of reaching power station boilers. Accessing a power station boiler requires climbing through narrow spaces high above the ground, and the best system for doing that is a solid structure that can be assembled and disassembled in a relatively short period of time. The UpRight Boiler Access Scaffold fits the bill perfectly. Thanks to the interlocking module units, it can be built to varying heights depending on the needs of the particular task. The simple design means a tall scaffold—as high as 300 feet—can be constructed in a little over a day. While this type of scaffold best fits the needs of the power industry, anyone may use an Upright Boiler Access Scaffold to access high, narrow work areas.


Another advantage of this type of scaffold system is that it is made from lightweight materials. UpRight Aluminum Tower Systems are easily strong enough to handle workers, tools, and materials. There is no sacrifice in terms of safety. The only difference here is that aluminum is a relatively light metal. The lighter materials make it much easier to transport the system and much faster to construct the scaffold. Disassembly is also quick and easy, although a power plant will most likely want to leave a boiler access scaffold in place. If this is the case, the aluminum scaffolds have the added benefit of being durable. All of this gives UpRight Aluminum Tower Systems an efficiency advantage over scaffold systems made from other materials such as steel.

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