Specialty Aluminum Scaffold

February 24, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Scaffold News

The Specialty Aluminum Scaffold: A Testament to Safety and Efficiency

The need for better efficiency, reliability and safety in the workplace gave rise to the development of the specialty aluminum scaffold.

The use of scaffolding in building structures traces back its roots to the ancient times, particularly in China where bamboo poles were tied together to serve as a platform for workers to help speed up construction of multi-level buildings and structures.

As the concept spread throughout the world many variations were developed and evolved into stronger base materials for scaffolding platforms to make it more durable and stable. This gave rise to steel scaffolding made out of galvanized iron and held together by joints and brackets.

However, there were limitations and disadvantages to GI-made scaffolding. Galvanized iron is heavy and cumbersome, so the higher the platform goes up, the greater load pressure the base gets.

This has resulted to a lot of fatal accidents in the past where workers neglected to consider the height factor for tolerable peak loads of scaffolding platforms.

The discovery of aluminum changed all that, where scaffolding platforms are now being made using aluminum as the material of choice.  As strong as steel and lightweight, aluminum has taken the building industry into new heights by further enhancing efficiency, reliability and workplace safety.

Today, the versatility of aluminum has given rise to specialty aluminum scaffolds that makes work more fun, easy and safe.

Automotive repair and custom shops can now make use of specialty scaffold maintenance platforms. Grease monkeys are now able to adjust these specialty scaffolds to get better foothold working on tall vehicles. This is also beneficial for technicians working on high- rise mechanical engines to gain access in hard-to-reach elevated areas. A flatbed surface allows for more room to work around and provides workers with greater flexibility to carry around more tools and parts to the work area.

On a much smaller scale, upright aluminum scaffolds also gained popularity as cleanroom scaffolds used by many cleaning firms and service providers. Indoor, cleaners are provided with more ease and time in cleaning high ceilings with better foot surface area compared to ladders.

Same goes with cleaning elevated outdoor exteriors, giving cleaners the ability to reach elevated areas and provide more cleaning coverage.

Lightweight and portable, setting up these upright aluminum platforms would take less time and effort to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Custom scaffold work stands are also popular in the market today, with various models and designs from single workbench tool stands to all-in-one height-adjustable workstations, the specialty aluminum scaffold has revolutionized the small and large building industries all over the world.