Single Wide Span Base: Your Advanced Scaffolding Solution

April 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Scaffold News

Single Wide Span Base: Your Advanced Scaffolding Solution

Single Wide Span Base:  Your Advanced Scaffolding Solution

Single Wide Span Base is the most versatile scaffolding solution that can be applied in different projects including but not limited to stairways and maintenance of the aircraft.  The height of this Span Scaffold can be expanded up to 44 feet without the help of any tools.  It is available in double wide, and single wide and the length can vary from 6 ft, 8ft, and 10 ft.  The fabricating process of the vault frames and other components is done with the help of the computer system which ensures its high-level accuracy and precision.  It also comes with a specially designed grip that creates the most durable form of a frame in the industry.

The castings of the frame have been considered to be the strongest in the industry of scaffolding, which allows it to support a considerable amount of weight compared to others.

Key Features of the Single Wide Span Base

Sturdy Castings

The castings of the frame have been considered to be the strongest in the industry of scaffolding, which allows it to support a considerable amount of weight compared to others.

Joint Grips

The joints are designed hydraulically to create the sturdiest form of an aluminum frame.  Some of the manufacturer of the joint also offers 10-12 year warranty that guarantees its strength and durability.

Color Coding

Color Coding are usually incorporated with the braces that will considerably reduce the time needed to assemble the Single Wide Span Base.

Quick Assembly and Release

This particular feature makes it possible to immediately assemble and disassemble the Single Wide Span Base.  It is designed with a unique shape that prevents any damage to the brace hook.

Adjustable system

Using the knurled nut that is accompanied by the system, you can fine tune and adjust the height with ease.  You can adjust the height of the leg at a maximum length of 12 inches.

Lock System

The lock system of the Single Wide Span Base will make sure that scaffold is stable and safe.  The lock system will also eliminate the unwanted swiveling and rolling.  The locking system is available in different diameter

Platforms with Hatchway

The hatchway that is located in the platforms will allow you to move from different levels.  There are also customized platforms that are specially tailored to the nature of the industry where the Single Wide Span Base will be used.  All platforms are made from high-quality plywood that will guarantee the safety and the durability.

Maintenance of the Single Wide Span Base

  • All the component of the Single Wide Span Base should perfectly fit and function properly. In order to ensure that the component will continue to have an optimum function, make sure to clean it before and after the assembly.  Clean it using water and soap to prevent the accumulation of unwanted materials.  It is also recommended to keep way from using a caustic cleanser.
  • Before assembling the single wide span base, do check the caster for any signs of damages. The rings and wheels should function properly.  Clean it and lubricate the wheel when it is not spinning properly.  Use light oil for machine when lubricating the stems, bearings, and axle.
  • Make sure that the special locking feature will be locked and unlocked with no trouble.
  • Brace Hook should be attached in place without the need to force it or to bind it. Make sure that the interior part of the brace hook is clean
  • Lubricate the legs and sockets after cleaning it.

Additional Things You Need To Know When Assembling the Single Wide Span Base

Adjusting the Legs

Before you even climb the assembled scaffold, make sure that it is leveled and stable.  To make sure that it is leveled, check if the leg adjustment were pushed down to the safety lock.  Avoid using scaffold if the leg adjustment is not working properly.  If you want to unlock the leg adjustment, twist the collar and raise it to the desired position. The nut will then open, and the leg will automatically slide into the position.  To lock it, lower the collar, the nut will close, and the leg will be locked into the desired position.

Locking and Unlocking the Caster

To unlock the caster, you should first drag the lever in the upward motion.  The brake will then be released, and you are now free to roll the caster.  To lock the caster, do the opposite, pull down the lever and the brake will be set automatically.  This will make the wheel in a stable position and prevent the swiveling.  Before you even start your work and climb on the scaffold, make sure that the 4 casters are locked.  It is highly recommended to avoid pushing or rolling the single wide span base especially when someone is using it.

Assembling the Single Wide Span Base

The first thing you have to do when assembling the single wide span base is to find the base unit and unlock it.  Spread it outward and start locking the hinges.   Put the platform on top of the scaffold.  This is how you install an instant single wide span base scaffold.  To create an extension, make sure that the 4 casters are locked before climbing on the scaffold.  Also, adjust the legs to make sure that the platform is leveled.  Insert the extension on the top of the base unit and attack a diagonal brace on both the extension frame to ensure its stability.  Before you even increase the height of the scaffold to 2 meters, make sure that the system is wedged into a sturdy pavement.

Safety Rules When Using Single Wide Span Base

  • Contact the local manufacturer if you have any concerns associated with your single wide span base.
  • Scaffold should always be attended especially when someone is into it.
  • Remove all the elements that can cause tripping especially in the platforms. Paints, mud, and other slippery element should also be eliminated on the platform before using it.
  • Platform has the capacity of only 227 kg. See to it that you will not exceed that weight.
  • When using or assembling the single wide span base, refrain from using a hammer or other tools just to strike it. If the system is in a proper condition, you will never have to exert a lot of effort or force when installing it.
  • Be sure to inspect the platform before you even use it. You should never use a scaffold with a missing, damaged and misfit part.
  • Check the surface where you plan to place the scaffold. Make sure that there is no debris or holes present on the surface.
  • Do not use a ladder when climbing the scaffold.
  • When you need an additional height, never use a chair, ladder, and boxes. It is just easy to add extension when you wanted to reach the higher areas with single wide span base.