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 Have you found something you’d love to have on the pages of our site? Are you thinking about a customized aluminum scaffolding solution and are wondering how much it might set you back? As your premier aluminum scaffold provider based in Phoenix and serving the world, we’d love to show you how affordable it can be to meet the needs of your next project.


The form below can be used for the RFQ you have for us. You may also use the form below to place an order from Upright Aluminum Scaffolds if you already know what it is that you want.

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Why choose Upright Aluminum Scaffolds? You know how people could conduct business based on a handshake and a smile? This was because personal relationships were the foundation of every agreement. We believe that this process of building relationships with every customer is just as important today as it has been throughout history.

 Sure. Times have changed. Thanks to this website, we can serve domestic and international customers quickly and effectively so their aluminum scaffolding needs can be met. Yet as times have changed, some things have also remained the same. This is why we are dedicated to providing fast, friendly expertise whenever there is an RFQ, question, or concern to address.

 Fill out the form above at your convenience, including any additional specification details you may have, and one of our operators will be in touch with you as soon as we can. You may also contact us by dialing (480) 269-7448 at your convenience to discuss your situation, the aluminum scaffolding products and accessories you need, and when you need them.

 We believe sales begin with world-class customer service. It continues through the relationships we build we each customer. It is a process which never really ends. Together we can discover what best meets the needs of your projects and business cycle.