Used Aerial Work Platforms

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Used Aerial Work Platforms

Experience the Benefits of Used Aerial Work Platforms

 Used aerial work platforms have the ability to give your business the same guaranteed quality of a new platform direct from the manufacturer, but for a fraction of the price. Instead of worrying about whether or not your budget can handle the investment into a new aluminum platform or scaffold, you can give your workers the access they need to get their job done in a safe and effective way.

Why invest into a used aluminum aerial work platform? For starters, you can setup your used platform indoors or outdoors, giving you an extra level of versatility for your investment. Aluminum is also strong, but still lightweight, which adds a level of portability to your investment as well. Each used aerial work platform is thoroughly inspected to ensure you're receiving a product you deserve for the investment you are making.

There is no doubt about it. The purchase of used aerial work platforms is one of the best value investments which are available at the moment. Here are some of the other advantages you receive when you buy used instead of new.

  • There are no backorders. You get to shop for the exact platform or scaffold that meets your needs.
  • You receive the same level of quality as if you were purchasing new from the manufacturer, but without the same price tag.
  • Workers get the access they need at each work site without compromising safety.

Used aerial work platforms are suitable for virtually every industry and every job site.


If you've been looking for a way to improve your productivity, then consider the benefits of a used aerial work platform for your next project. Let us know what your needs happen to be or browse through our available aluminum platforms or scaffolds that are available right now so your workers can be confident and productive.


Used JLG 1930ES 2007 302hrs

Aluminum Scaffolding 5 inch Caster C5

Used JLG 400S 2005 4291hrs

Used JLG 400S 2005 4291hrs

Used JLG 600S 2006 3344hrs

Used JLG 600S 2006 3344hrs