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Aluminum Scaffolding Outriggers

Aluminum Scaffold Outriggers for Sale

Successful projects require all hands (and materials) on deck. When  comes to increasing the base width of the scaffold, aluminum scaffold outriggers are necessary.

Outriggers provide an increased level of stability and support for upright aluminum scaffolds. Platforms will rest on thrustouts –outrigger beams that extend beyond the surface you are currently working on. No need to worry about the inboard ends; these will remain secured to the structure.

For your convenience, we stock our inventories with scaffold outriggers in sizes 44 and 62.

The Need-To-knows of Outriggers and Side Bracket Shopping

Are you shopping for scaffolds for the first time? Before you make any big decision, know the facts first.

Remember: some scaffolds need outriggers that come leveling devices. This subjects the project to height-to-width ratios, depending on the height of your structure.

When shopping for side brackets or scaffolding outriggers for sale, look for the following key features:

  • Outriggers should be manufactured from a piece of heavy gauged metal
  • The bottom shoes and hook should readily receive pins
  • Lower shoes should not interfere with the braces, locks, and other frame features of the structure
  • The hook should also top out with a V-point for a more secure positioning

More Tips On Outriggers

Some builders and engineers build scaffolds with reversed outriggers, which creates landing areas for the scaffolding materials. Keep in mind, however, that the design of scaffolding outriggers does not permit this function, resulting in unbalanced loads and a tipping scaffold.

Upright Aluminum Scaffolds promotes 100% safety in all scaffolding projects and situations. To prevent trouble with outriggers, we recommend installing them as they were originally intended. This way, you can also take advantage of the provided strength from the design.

The right outriggers make a big difference in your aluminum scaffolds. Stay safe and encourage a more secure working surface with products from us. Browse through our selection and start your project today!

Outrigger 62 Inches

Aluminum Scaffolding Outrigger 62 Inches

This unique piece gives you the ability to extend the scaffolding to 62” wide and also adds more stability to the structure.
Outrigger 44 Inches

Aluminum Scaffolding Outrigger 44 Inches

Another added benefit of the aluminum scaffolding outrigger 44” is it helps to improve the stability of a 44” wide scaffold.