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Aluminum Scaffolding Miscellaneous Hardware

Miscellaneous Hardware For Your Upright Aluminum Scaffold

It's the accessories that make the scaffold. When your upright aluminum scaffold doesn't seem like it is as efficient a structure as it could be, then there is a good chance that you're missing some of the miscellaneous hardware that you need. Whether you need a critical component like a platform side rail or it's just a replacement long pin or two that you're looking to grab today, you'll find everything you need right here.

Latch assembly, set screws, and other miscellaneous items that always tend to be in short supply are also readily available right now.

You'll always want to make sure that your interlock clips are inserted properly when using an extension end frame. Damaged interlock clips can put your structure and your workers at risk. Always make sure that your clips are seated in their locking hole.

Platform hooks can help to give you a stable working surface, but only if they work with your existing aluminum scaffold. Different manufacturers have different spec requirements, so be sure to contact us about your needs so we can match you up with the right product.

Guardrails do more than keep your workers safe when they're working at height. They'll also help to protect people below the scaffold from falling items. Don't forget to include an aluminum toeboard on any scaffold that is 10 feet high or above for added safety.

Miscellaneous hardware helps you make sure your upright aluminum scaffold fits together as it should so it can function properly. Use soap and water to clean away and dust or debris that could interfere with this process and check for damaged components with every build. If you find something bent or broken and you don't have a spare, then shop with us and you'll be able to quickly replace any worn parts that you need.

Platform Hook

Aluminum Scaffolding Platform Hook

The aluminum scaffolding platform hook gives you the ability to easily hook platforms onto the scaffold so you can hold multiple workers at once.
Platform Strut 22 Inches

Scaffolding Platform Strut 22 Inches

These struts help to make sure that the load is evenly distributed throughout the structure, which is essential for jobs that require many workers at once and their tools.
Platform Side Rail 10 Inches

Scaffolding Platform Side Rail 10 Inches

The scaffolding platform side rail 10” gives workers the ability to tie off when they’re at high heights and it also helps to add to the stability of the unit.
Platform Side Rail 6 InchesPlatform Side Rail 6 Inches

Scaffolding Platform Side Rail 6 Inches

With the use of a scaffolding platform side rail 6” you will have the ability to provide a safe working environment for all of the people that will need to use the scaffold.
Platform Side Rail 8 Inches

Scaffolding Platform Side Rail 8 Inches

If you want an extra component to make your platform more secure, the scaffolding platform side rail 8” is a piece to consider.
Adjustable Leg Folding Base

Adjustable Scaffolding Leg Folding Base

The adjustable legs offer an incredibly sturdy squared off platform to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the legs.
Adjustable Leg Standard Base Frame

Adjustable Scaffolding Leg Standard Base Frame

The adjustable scaffolding leg standard base frame is designed for standard scaffolds that simply want the convenience of being able to move up and down the side of a building.
Leg Lock Set Screw

Aluminum Scaffolding Leg Lock Set Screw

These incredibly durable screws are designed to easily slide into the aluminum scaffolding and set the legs are a particular height.
Interlock Clip Long Pin

Aluminum Scaffolding Interlock Clip Long Pin

The long pin design makes it simple to slide into the scaffold and the incorporated clip ensures that the long pin is secure in its position.
Interlock Clip Short Pins

Aluminum Scaffolding Interlock Clip Short Pin

The pin is constructed out of high quality materials and the integrated clip is used to provide an extra layer of security once the pin is inserted.