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Aluminum Scaffolding INLINE, RIGHT ANGLE & SWIVEL

Inline, Right Angle & Swivel Couplers

 Scaffold couplers are a fundamental component of your setup. Basic fittings will join two tubes together so that you can create the structure that you need. Different couplers are available to meet the different needs that you have. You'll find the inline, right angle, and swivel couplers you'll need for your upright aluminum scaffold right here.

Swivel couplers are typically used to connect your bracing, but can also be utilized for tension splicing. Their robust design gives you the added level of durability your scaffold needs to provide the safest working environment possible. You won't have to worry about instability when you've got these couplers supporting your bracing pattern.

Inline couplers help to give you the straight line that your bracing or vertical supports may need. They firmly bring two poles together to provide an extended, but still strong, support option for your upright scaffold. This can help you increase the length or width of your scaffold, giving you more flexibility with your scaffold design.

Right angle couplers are the cornerstone of every scaffold. These couplers help to provide platform support, foundational support, and give strength to the exterior framing shell that you've designed. There is no substitute for a well made right angle coupler when you're building your upright scaffold for indoor or outdoor projects.

Without the right scaffold couplers, you won't be able to lock your bracing and frame into place. If you can't do that, then you really can't build a safe scaffold for your next project. Let us help you get the right couplers in the right amount so that you can build the upright aluminum scaffold your project demands. Our inline, right angle, and swivel couplers are priced right, have a guaranteed quality, and will give you the sturdy work environment needed.