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Aluminum Scaffolding Horizontal and Diagonal

Horizontal and Diagonal Bracing For Your Upright Aluminum Scaffold

 You've taken care of your scaffold foundation. You've got the right braces, the right casters, and you've invested into the right frame for your next job site. To make sure your scaffold has a reliable level of stiffness for your workers, you'll also want to make sure that you have a proper amount of horizontal or diagonal bracing for your aluminum scaffolding.

As a general rule of thumb, it is important to install braces in every other bay at minimum. This will provide you with the necessary levels of safety that may be required. OSHA also requires that all scaffold legs be plumb and braced against swaying and displacement. Cross braces must be automatically square and frames must have cross, horizontal, or diagonal braces in a combination that helps to keep the vertical components of the upright scaffold level, square, and plumb.

Our bracing comes in various length levels so that your upright scaffold can be as secure as possible. Both horizontal and diagonal bracing is available in 6-10 foot lengths so that your needs can be met today. This means you have one less thing that you may need to worry about as you work to complete your next project.

It is common for braces to be removed from a scaffold while working so there can be access to the surface in question. Our horizontal and diagonal braces are easy to install, easy to remove if necessary, and will help your upright aluminum scaffold meet or exceed safety standards.

Your scaffold must be erected to all applicable regulations in your jurisdiction. To do so, you need affordable and reliable products that meet those standards. That's what you'll find right here. Let us know what your needs happen to be and together we'll find you a great deal on the high quality horizontal and diagonal bracing you may require.

8 feet Horizontal Brace

Aluminum Scaffolding 8 feet Horizontal Brace

The brace is designed to help evenly distribute weight throughout the scaffold and to ensure that it maintains its integrity.
6 feet Horizontal Brace

Aluminum Scaffolding 6 feet Horizontal Brace

The aluminum scaffolding 6’ horizontal brace is designed to give the user the easiest method of installation possible.
10 feet Horizontal Brace

Aluminum Scaffolding 10 feet Horizontal Brace

This 10’ model is designed for larger scaffolds that are going to require longer platforms for more workers and more space for tools.
Aluminum Scaffolding 8ft Horizontal Brace H8

Aluminum Scaffolding 8ft Horizontal Brace H8

The easy to use clamps on each side of the pole can be attached to other support beams and the sides of your scaffold.
Aluminum Scaffolding 6ft Horizontal Brace H6

Aluminum Scaffolding 6ft Horizontal Brace H6

These components are incredibly important as they give each platform the support that it needs and helps to ensure that the scaffold doesn’t fall apart at the seams.
Aluminum Scaffolding 10ft Horizontal Brace H10

Aluminum Scaffolding 10ft Horizontal Brace H10

With the aluminum scaffolding 10’ horizontal brace H10 you will be able to use it on 10’ long scaffolds.
Upright Aluminum Scaffold 6ft Diagonal Brace D6

Aluminum Scaffolding 6ft Diagonal Brace D6

Great for both indoor and outdoor projects, the aluminum scaffolding 6’ diagonal brace D6 gives you the ability to secure your unit.
Aluminum Scaffolding 8ft Diagonal Brace D8

Aluminum Scaffolding 8ft Diagonal Brace D8

The aluminum scaffolding 8’ diagonal brace D8 is designed to give your scaffolding the safety and security that it needs.