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Aluminum Scaffolding Custom Items

Custom Items For Your Upright Aluminum Scaffolds

Have you ever been on an uneven upright scaffold and worried about your safety? Not every job site has even ground that will give you the perfect placement for an aluminum scaffold. Sometimes you need to adjust your setup for uneven ground and one of the best ways to do that is through the use of stabilization brackets and other custom items or scaffold accessories.

If a worker doesn't feel like they are 100% safe on a scaffold, then their focus isn't on the job at hand. They're thinking about when they'll be able to get off of that scaffold instead. Our custom items include wall mount stabilizer brackets of up to 4 feet so that your aluminum scaffold can have the increased stability it may need.  We also offer horizontal stabilization bars to further enhance the safety a worker can experience on your upright scaffold.

That might address the foundation of the scaffolding at your site, but what about the platform where the worker is going to be standing? We offer a special 60 inch platform that has a sturdy wood deck so that there is a solid place to put your feet while you're working. Our custom items work with a wide variety of upright aluminum scaffolds or they can be added to the scaffolding options that are available through our website today.

All of our custom solutions are easy to install, can give you added weight tolerances if necessary, and are competitively priced so you won't have to worry about your budget.

Customized solutions help to enhance the safety of your aluminum scaffolds at any job site. Talk to us today about what your needs may be and together we'll find a solution that is able to effectively solve your problems.

Scaffold Horizontal Stabilizer Bar

SHSB-17 Scaffold Horizontal Stabilizer Bar

The SHSB-17 scaffold horizontal stabilizer bar helps to promote the even distribution of weight throughout the scaffold and it also helps to make sure that your structure adheres to strict building st
Special 60 inches Platform with Wood Deck

Special 60 inches Scaffolding Platform with Wood Deck

The special 60” scaffolding platform w/ wood deck is a component that enables you to provide a safe and secure place for your workers to stand while they’re on the job.
4 feet Wall Mount Stabilizer Bracket

4 feet Wall Mount Scaffolding Stabilizer Bracket

The 4’ wall mount scaffolding stabilizer bracket gives you the ability to place your unit 4’ away from the wall and get the stability that you need.
1 feet Wall Mount Stabilizer Bracket

1 feet Wall Mount Scaffolding Stabilizer Bracket

The 1’ wall mount scaffolding stabilizer bracket is easy to install and remove once the job has been completed.