Casters & Base Plates

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Casters & Base Plates

Casters & Base Plates

 Casters & Base Plates for Stability. It's something that every upright scaffold requires in order for a safe working environment to be created. Yet you're also going to need some level of mobility with your scaffold at most job sites so you don't have to constantly tear down and rebuild just to keep working. This is why high quality casters & base plates are an essential part of every scaffold.

When you have sturdy base plates holding your scaffolding in place, you create more confidence in the working environment. You'll find stairwell, swivel, and rigid base plates available for your upright aluminum scaffold that will make sure your workers are secure as they get the job done.

But what if your scaffold isn't on a set of stairs? What if you are working on a large exterior wall and need to move the scaffold periodically to create a consistent end result? This is where our casters can help to provide you with the structure you need for your site. We offer 5 inch and 8 inch casters that work with most aluminum scaffolds that are in use today.

To find the right casters & base plates that work with your equipment, it is important to look at the weight capacity of each item. Each product offered here will also meet OSHA requirements and our casters are suitable for use on concrete floors for either a standard or an arch frame.

It's time to have an upright aluminum scaffold which will help you reach your full potential at each job site. By having the right casters and base plates for your scaffolding, you can do just that. Contact us today about what your needs may be in this area and we'll be happy to help you create the safe and secure working environment you need to get your next project completed on time.

Stairwell Base Plate

Aluminum Scaffolding Stairwell Base Plate

This component is designed to give your structure the strength and stability that it needs to easily access different aspects of the job.
Swivel Base Plate

Aluminum Scaffolding Swivel Base Plate

With the help of the aluminum scaffolding swivel base plate, you can customize the reach of your scaffold and the angles of your base poles.
Rigid Base Plate

Aluminum Scaffolding Rigid Base Plate

The rigid base plate for aluminum scaffolds is the right tool to use to ensure that your scaffold is secured to the ground and will not move.
8 inch Caster

Aluminum Scaffolding 8 inches Caster

The aluminum scaffolding 8” caster is a component that you use to ensure that the base poles are sufficiently attached to reliable wheels on your scaffold.
5 inch Caster

Aluminum Scaffolding 5 inch Caster

With the advanced locking mechanism included in its design, you can ensure that your scaffolding isn’t going to move once the locks are engaged.