Competent Staff Through Scaffolding Safety Training

May 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Scaffold News

Scaffolding Safety Training

Competent Staff Through Scaffolding Safety Training

Every industry has its unique challenges. Storage and warehousing has its challenges and risks. General construction or construction of civic infrastructure has a different set of challenges. Likewise, whether it is aviation or shipping, logistics or manufacturing, a company must train its staff to ensure their level of competence. A lot depends on the training imparted. The staff would be accustomed with the safety measures. The efficiency and ability of the staffs would also depend on the scope of training.
The workforce that works with scaffolding should be trained on the same and must be very well versed with the safety measures, best practices and should also know how to troubleshoot common problems. As a company, you should ensure that you have competent staff through scaffolding safety training.

  • Scaffolding comes in myriad forms. Right from the material to its design, setting it up and the way to use the particular scaffold, everything must be impeccably understood by the staff working on or with the same. There’s lightweight aluminum scaffolding that is portable and can be managed by one person and there are heavy duty scaffolding that would need several hands to set it up and to operate it. Lightweight scaffolding can be moved by one person, it can be set up easily and is also less intensive to operate. Heavy duty scaffolding is almost impossible for one person to work on. This is just a simple instance to illustrate the need of appropriate training. Unless the workforce is accustomed with the type and nature of the scaffolding they are working with or unless the staffs know how they should go about setting it up or managing the scaffold, they wouldn’t be able to ensure their own safety, the secured handling of the scaffold or the well-being of the premise and the structures that are being attended to.


  • Beyond the distinct differences among the various types of scaffolding, there are specific technicalities that must be understood. Not every scaffold gets set up in the same way. Scaffolds have a maximum load bearing capacity or a threshold that must not be exceeded. There are best practices pertaining to every scaffolding material or design. They should be operated in the manner that they were engineered for. Exceeding the max load, having too many people up on the scaffold, carrying equipment atop the scaffold that can damage the setup and various such aspects demand attention. Unless your staff is trained on these technicalities and are given a download of tips and tricks to use the scaffold properly, it is very easy to go wrong somewhere and that would not only damage the scaffold but more importantly cause injury to your staff. Beyond the operational hassles and damage to infrastructure, it is the personal injury and the ensuing expenses that you must be concerned about.


  • Safety training may appear to be a way to just avert the untoward incidents but there is more to it than that. Safety training highlights crucial elements of using scaffolding that would help improve the competence and thus the efficiency of the staff. When your staff would know the scaffolding materials, understand the design and get accustomed with a particular model, they would not second guess their installations, they would not have to speculate or be ambiguous about how they should go about using the scaffold or if they are doing something right. The staff would know for certain that there is a particular way of getting the job done and they would execute that best practice. This will make your staff more competence, they would need less time to get the job done and they would also do a better job than otherwise. This has a phenomenal impact on efficiency.


  • • Scaffolds need to be handled well. They should be properly maintained for maximum longevity. Given the investment that your enterprise makes into scaffolding solutions, you wouldn’t want to reinvest again or spend substantial money on unnecessary but unavoidable repairs and maintenance. Best practices and utility with care will ensure that your scaffolds are well kept and well used. This would avert untoward damages and you can reap longer or greater returns on your investment.

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Beyond the manufacturing and technological prowess in aluminum scaffolds, we also attend to the training of your staff. From the safety training to coaching them on the finer elements to make the best use of the scaffolding infrastructure, we would help you and your staff to increase efficiency by improving competence. Our safety training protocols have been proven to be extremely effective. All our aluminum scaffolding products are of premier quality and our services including the safety training are superior to every other provider you may have in mind or under consideration.