Bus / Truck / RV Scaffold Maintenance Platform

Bus, Truck, and RV Scaffold Maintenance Platforms

 A full service scaffolding company must provide you with everything you need to get the job done. One area that is often overlooked in our industry is the need for scaffolds to work on buses, trucks, and RVs. These scaffolds are often used to access maintenance needs on the top of the vehicle safely without damaging the vehicle, but they have other uses as well.

  • Vehicle scaffolding can help you effectively clean, detail, or repair difficult to reach locations, especially on the sides of the vehicle.
  • This type of scaffolding can allow you to work safely on your own, something that ladders don’t always provide.
  • You limit the risks of a reaching injury while creating work that is more consistent.

When you own a bus, truck, or RV, then roof applications are always a top priority. These scaffold maintenance platforms will allow you to complete your roof inspections quite easily. You’ll also be able to apply paint protections, install slide toppers, repair or install awnings, or perform maintenance work on your windows.

Perfect For One Vehicle or an Entire Commercial Fleet

 Some might say the cost of a scaffold for occasional use might be a little expensive. The real question is this: are you willing to compromise your safety in some way because you’re trying to save a few bucks? We’ve seen folks trying to service buses, trucks, and RVs by standing on the roof of a car, kitchen step-stools, or even a brave soul on a rolling office chair once.

Maybe those DIY efforts work in a pinch, but they don’t have to be the “new normal.” This is especially true for those who are maintaining a commercial fleet. Here are some of the advantages you’ll receive when you use proper scaffolding for your vehicle maintenance needs instead of a makeshift solution.

  • Effective safety thanks to locking casters that won’t roll on you while you’re trying to get something done.
  • Fewer damage incidents to vehicles thanks to deck padding, rubber bumpers, and other protective features that you won’t find on other access products.
  • The ability to perform large scale repairs, such as windshield replacements or awning installs, with lower levels of product or personnel risk.

How do we know that we offer some of the best solutions in this category? Because we’ve done our research. Here’s a sampling to see how seriously we take your safety today.

Indiana University: Scaffold Safety Program

OSHA: Powered Platforms for Building/Vehicle Maintenance

UNCO: Aerial Lift and Scaffolding Guidelines

USACE: Work Platforms and Scaffolding

VCR: Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations

 Our goal is simple: to make sure you have the safest products possible. By combining industry wisdom, knowledge, and experience from around the world, we can provide you what you need.

We Have a Wide Range of Scaffold Maintenance Platforms Available Now

 You’ll find that our scaffold systems for buses, trucks, and recreational vehicles will allow you to access the work area safely while providing you a fast set-up process. The aluminum construction of these platforms gives you a lightweight, yet still very strong, solution. Many options offer the ability to fold flat for easier transport or storage. Some models offer extension springs so you get a lifting assist from the scaffold.

Every product offered meets or exceeds current government safety standards. Your safety is and will always be our #1 priority.

If you need an effective way to maintain your vehicles today, whether you own just one or an entire commercial fleet, then you should consider the benefits and advantages that a scaffold system designed for vehicles can provide. Not only will you improve your access to many common maintenance tasks, but you’ll also be able to improve the size and scope of the work you can do.

Many solutions are surprisingly affordable today, especially with our economy systems. Contact our team today to discuss what options are available for your vehicles and together we’ll find a solution that will meet all of your needs today.

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