Boiler Maintenance Scaffold

Boiler Maintenance Scaffold Access Systems

We specialize in the design, production, distribution and installation of customized access aluminium systems and platforms for the power industry to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and inspections inside and outside the boiler.

Our unique Boiler Maintenance Scaffold access system aptly branded Quick Erect Boiler Access System  is constructed from lightweight aluminium and is up to 80 % lighter than traditional steel scaffold providing ultimate speed during assemble and dismantle, saving on both labor and downtime – a full system in a 500 mw power plant can be erected in as little as 30 hours.

With fewer components to handle, downtime, labor and transport costs are also significantly reduced given a higher return on investment.

Boiler Maintenance Scaffold Access Systems

The Quick-Erect Scaffold Boiler Access Systems are erected using a combination of two UpRight basic components – Snap Out and Spandeck.

  • Instant Snap-Out Tower Modules and
  • Instant Spandeck Bridging Units


The biggest challenge scaffolders face when working inside the power station boiler is getting the equipment to fit through confined spaces such as manholes and traditional scaffold frames are difficult to handle and time consuming to pass through these manholes. This job is made easy with our Snap-Out`s.


Snap-Out offers an unbeatable solution to access within enclosed or restricted access areas. The UpRight Snap-Out is made up of lightweight sections weighing less than 40 kg.  Each compact section unfolds from an easily managed bundle which will pass through an aperture of 36 cms.  Once inside the boiler the Snap-Out units can be instantly erected to provide a complete level of scaffold, 2m cube modules which interlock positively together to provide the main tower structures.

There are no loose parts and no tools, nuts or bolts are required for assembly. This unique folding system with no loose components prevents loss and incorrect assembly.

The base structure is designed to sit firmly inside the V hopper providing a rigid foundation for the complete upper structure.  Ladders, platforms and toeboards are fitted within each module for access at all levels.

 Further levels are handled in exactly the same manner, building a tower to the height required which can be up to 100 meters.



Spandeck is a lightweight aluminium walkway and decking system spanning up to 7.4m and provides a safe work platform between Snap-Out towers. It can be re-positioned easily at 1m height intervals for complete access at all points throughout the boiler. Its unique reversible design and double sided hooks allow it to be used individually as a catwalk or side by side.


This Modular Walkway System provides the simple, cost – effective and safe solution to high level access requirements. Installation is quick and simple. Spandeck Walkways are designed specifically to give you higher performance than traditional site-fabricated products

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