Aluminum Scaffold

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Upright Clean Room Scaffold

Aluminum Scaffold

Scaffold systems make it easy to reach high places. An upright aluminum scaffold is safer than a ladder because it offers a much larger range of movement, has a broader base for stability, and does not require workers to lean away from the structure. Scaffold systems have an efficiency bonus over ladders as well; they can stay in one place for a much longer period of time. Ladders, by contrast, offer access to only a narrow area at any one time. A worker using a ladder has to repeatedly climb down and move the ladder. A worker using a rolling scaffold can walk back and forth along the top, having to climb down only periodically to move the scaffold.

Scaffold platforms also make it easy to work with large or heavy objects such as sheets of drywall. Trying to climb a ladder with a sheet of drywall would be awkward and dangerous, but scaffold systems make working with drywall easy. This is important for working on a ceiling or on the walls of a home with high ceilings. Workers using scaffold platforms can easily put the drywall in place, tape the seams, and paint the surface.

Although scaffold systems are more stable and offer a larger work area than ladders, scaffold safety is still important. When using a rolling scaffold, it is imperative to secure the wheels so the upright scaffold does not move while in use. Scaffold safety also requires moving carefully when atop the upright scaffold. Workers must take care not to fall over the edge or drop any objects like hammers or sheets of drywall. Finally, scaffold safety is best served by using a rolling scaffold because the workers can move it easily instead of having to lift and carry it.

An upright aluminum scaffold can have many uses beyond construction projects. It can be used to hang curtains or clean windows in a house with high ceilings, to trim tall trees or bushes, or to clean the gutters.

If an upright scaffold is too short for a particular project, another option is to use scaffold towers. Unlike upright scaffolds, which are designed to be more mobile, scaffold towers are built for the specific task at hand. For example, scaffold towers may be built for working on the exterior of a two or three-story house, In such a situation, scaffold platforms would not be tall enough to reach the entire work area. Scaffold towers would be favored primarily by professional contractors.

Do-it-yourself types, however, may want to consider the smaller, more mobile scaffolds such as upright scaffolds or scaffold platforms. When considering scaffolds, it’s best to keep an eye out for scaffold sales. Scaffold sales may appear in specialized magazines and newsletters. Another place to look for scaffold sales would be a home supply store. This would be a good investment for people who have two-story or tall one-story homes and want to do a lot of routine maintenance and cleaning without paying a contractor.

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