Mission Statement

The Mission of Upright Aluminum Scaffolds

 Here is our promise to you. We will offer a wide variety of aluminum scaffolding options to your organization that is based on our experience and expertise. In return, you can rely on our expertise to choose the standardized or customized aluminum scaffolding solution that can best meet your needs. Your product will be durable, budget-friendly, and sturdy. If you feel otherwise, then you can take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do we fulfill this promise to each customer on a daily basis? Through a 3-point value system that we feel is nothing short of sacred.

  1. We will provide you with value. At Upright Aluminum Scaffolds, we understand that value comes from more than a monetary transaction for a product. We will not sacrifice the quality or craftsmanship of any product that is provided to our customers.
  2. We only offer products that meet or exceed safety standards. We test and build every product with your safety in mind so that you receive a product that meets or exceeds OSHA and other government standards.
  3. We will offer world-class customer service every time. We will help you locate, setup, and assemble the aluminum scaffolds, supplies, and accessories that are required for your next job.

 Whether your business is right down the street or halfway around the world, we can get you the aerial work platforms and other equipment necessary for a price that is surprisingly affordable. One investment really can change the outlook of your next project.

 We’d love to show you why we love upright aluminum scaffolds so much that we named our business after them. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’d be honored for the opportunity to show you why we believe values still matter in today’s business world.


Mission Statement:

As experts in scaffolding, Upright Aluminum Scaffolds offers a variety of aluminum scaffolding options that are lightweight, long­lasting, and sturdy with a money­back guarantee on your satisfaction

Brand Promise:

Upright Aluminum Scaffolds is your trusted partner to finding safe and reliable scaffolding for all your project needs.

Brand Values:

  1. Value -­ We believe in providing value without sacrificing quality, workmanship, or our customer service.
  2. Safety -­ We test and build all of our products with your safety in mind.
  3. Service -­ Our goal is to supply you with the best customer service to find, setup, and build scaffolding equipment.