26 Jul 2012

Upright Scaffolds

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Whether you run a construction business, a painting company or are part of a larger organization that has employees do various cleaning and repair work for your buildings, you need to have solid, dependable upright scaffolding systems to create a safe work environment. The upright scaffold is more than just a platform. It is the preferred method for painting, construction and repair in places to high for your employees to reach.

While ladders have many uses, they are ill suited for many types of painting, construction and repair work. A ladder is designed only to allow one person to work precariously at the top, spending more effort balancing them while trying to accomplish a particular task. The upright scaffold allows for more than one worker to move comfortably around the area of work and having the tools and equipment they need handy to complete the task.

Having upright scaffolds means you can now accomplish the task with more safety and security for your employees. Instead of employees trying to maintain their balance on ladders, they can instead set up a secure upright scaffold that allows them to focus more on the task at hand rather than balancing themselves on a ladder.

Another aspect of safety that can be addressed by upright scaffolds is how to deal with painting a wall, replacing a light bulb or doing repair work in a stairwell. Ladders are simply not suited for stairwells and create an even greater danger for your employees. The VX stairwell scaffold however is designed specifically to handle work projects in stairwells, offering maximum safety while adjusting to the angle of the stairs. The VX stairwell scaffold is also easy to set up and can be secured quickly so your employees can get the job done.

Upright scaffolding systems are designed for maximum safety for your employees, but also to be set up quickly and efficiently meaning that you can get more work into the day. Upright scaffolds are designed with high quality parts that are very durable and rugged, designed for repeated use without wear. Also, the multiple parts can help to adjust your upright scaffold to fit into corners, curves walls and other potential obstacles so your employees can get the job done.

The upright scaffold is also perfect for painting, giving your painters a steady, secure platform so they can complete the task quickly and efficiently. Painters also have a platform to hold paint cans, brushes and scrapers so they have immediate access to the tools and equipment that they need. Care must be taken however not to overload the upright scaffold with too many objects so they don’t get accidentally kicked off and present a danger to those below.

Whether you choose the traditional upright scaffold or other, more specialized versions such as the VX stairwell scaffold, you get a solid, well crafted product that will last for many years and do a number of different jobs that will assist your employees. From painting to repairs to replacing, upright scaffolds continue to be the safe, secure and efficient means of getting the job done.

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