26 Jul 2012

UpRight Scaffolding System

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Ladders are the most common means of reaching high places, especially for homeowners and do-it-yourself types. While they are sufficient for some tasks, they are less than ideal for working on a large area. Examples include putting drywall on a ceiling, cleaning a high window, painting the top of a wall, or trimming trees. In those cases, the ladder does not allow for a wide enough work area, and there isn’t enough room for the supplies and equipment. The user may have to repeatedly climb down to move the ladder in some cases, and will not be able to perform the task at all in others.

If the task at hand requires a platform for tools and materials, covers a wide work area, or needs to be performed by two or more workers, an UpRight Scaffold is the answer. UpRight Scaffolds are commonly seen at residential and construction sites. They are a common fixture in theaters that are building a set or staging a production. UpRight Scaffolds provide wide, stable bases and platforms for worker safety and a large work area for efficiency. They also have the advantage of allowing quicker up and down movement than ladders. UpRight Scaffolding Systems come in a number of forms. There are the familiar single and double wide scaffolds. There are boiler access scaffolds for reaching very high, narrow workspaces. However, what if work needs to be done on uneven ground, such as inside a stairwell? There is a special UpRight Scaffold for just this situation, the VX Stairwell Scaffold.

The VX Stairwell Scaffold works just like any other scaffold system. The pieces are taken to the job site and snapped together. The only difference is that the bottom of this particular scaffold isn’t flat. Since the VX Stairwell Scaffold is designed to be built on steps, there are a few “extra” parts that go on the side that rests on the lower step. This allows the platform at the top to be flat, and the workers can work on it the same way they would on any other UpRight Scaffold. A stairwell scaffold could also be used outdoors on uneven ground, such as when work is being done on a building built into the side of a hill. The same principle applies; the design allows uneven ground at the bottom to be balanced out so the workspace at the top is level. However, the primary function is to allow workers to safely access workspaces within a stairwell.

These UpRight Scaffolding Systems are the ideal setup for working in a stairwell. The uneven ground obviously precludes the use of a ladder, but there is a less obvious advantage to using a stairwell scaffold. Working in a stairwell sometimes requires leaning over railings. This brings another advantage of UpRight Scaffolds into play. The platforms provide a stable place to stand, allowing workers to lean over the railings safely.

UpRight Scaffolding Systems are lightweight due to their aluminum construction, making them easy to transport, construct, and take down.

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