26 Jul 2012

Upright Scaffold

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There are times when a ladder just won’t do. When you need the proper platform to paint the ceiling, make repairs high up on a wall or simply to reach places where you can have easy access to your tools then upright scaffold are what you need. You can choose from a variety of upright scaffolding systems which offer solid support thanks to their sturdy construction.

Upright scaffold have been around for thousands of years helping to construct some of the most impressive structures in the world. However for your needs having sturdy upright scaffold can help with a wide variety of projects. For everyday jobs such as painting or simple repairs on ceilings and other places too high up to reach from the ground, upright scaffold systems allow you the freedom of movement that ladders simply cannot provide. In fact, here are just a few jobs that upright scaffold can work tremendously to increase safety and mobility in the workplace.

Painting: Painting on a traditional ladder can be difficult, especially if the area that needs paint is along the stairs or other inclined part of a building. The VX stairwell scaffold for example provides easy setup to create a sturdy, level platform that can be adjusted to the incline of the stairwell. This way, you and your co-workers will have a safe, secure platform to not only move freely with safety, but also a place to place your paints and other important tools for your work. VX stairwell scaffolds provide the steady support needed for two or more painters so you can complete the job quickly and safely.

Repair: Whether you are replacing ceiling tiles, fixing an overhead pipe or perhaps replacing important material in a ceiling having the right upright scaffolding systems in place can help create a safer, more efficient working environment. Upright scaffolds create the wide platform necessary to help hold all the tools, equipment and materials needed so you can quickly reach what you need and get the job done faster. So whether you need upright scaffolds to fix the ceiling or replace a light bulb, you can rest assured that the job is done with the utmost in safety and efficiency.

Cleaning: We often don’t think about how windows and walls can become dirty until enough light is shined on them to see that they need regular cleaning. Having your employees on safe, secure upright scaffolds means that your cleaning is done far more efficiently and thoroughly than with ladders, plus you can use the VX stairwell scaffold to reach those seldom cleaned walls and windows in stairways. Removing dust and debris not only makes your building look better, it also reduces the fire danger to your walls as well.

These are just a few jobs that the upright scaffold can do for you and your business. Having an upright scaffold set means you have access to one of the best tools for reaching high up on walls and ceilings with the added comfort of security as well. The right tools for the job means having the right support as well, for those times when a ladder simply will not do, choose from the upright scaffolding systems that work best for the projects you have in mind.

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