30 Sep 2013

UpRight Aluminum Scaffold UpRight Scaffold USA

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When working with Platforms or Lifts or Aerial work platforms you need to be on flat level ground. The beauty working with aluminum scaffolding is that you can work on uneven surfaces safely. That is accomplished by raising or lowering the adjustable legs of the aluminum scaffold tower to level the access platform and stabilize the scaffolding towers from moving do to high and low points in the terrain.

How They Work Together

In regards to the leg lock assembly, what you have is a split nut that has a collar that goes around the pre- sprung fingers that are threaded. When you twist and pull up on the collar the threaded fingers separate releasing the threads on the 2” aluminum leg that is inside the base of the aluminum scaffolding frame. The leg will slide out effortlessly. Once you have the desired adjustment you just push the collar straight down until you hear, feel and see it lock in place.  Three of your senses are working to let you know if you’ve locked that leg in place.  When you push the outside collars down over the split nut it pushes those threaded fingers back into and around the threaded legs. Now take a look at the leg lock assembly, you will see little fingers that spring out and about halve way over that copper collar. If you want try and pull the collar straight up.  You can’t because those fingers are stopping the collar from doing that. That is why you have to lift and twist the collars to release the adjustable legs. There is little quarter circles spaced out at the top of the copper collar. So when you lift and twist the collar those quarter circles depress the fingers and then the split threaded nut opens up and releases the threads in the adjustable leg.


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