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VX Stairwell Scaffold

UpRight VX Stairwell Scaffold makes overhead and wall access over stairways easy. UpRight Aluminum Scaffolds can customize any scaffolding system to suit your project needs. Operators always standing by, (800) 621-4520.

The UpRight VX Stairwell Scaffold can be easily setup. In 5 simple steps the base section and standard aluminum components can be moved to worksite and erected. UpRight VX Stairwell Scaffold components snap together without the use of tools and provide a comfortable, secure platform for working on stairway, walls and ceilings. Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.

Operators always standing by to take your order or answer any questions, (888) 600-5414.

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UpRight Scaffold is available in standard span also, giving the user more options in the way the scaffold can be assembled. With a selection of end frames a tower can be assembled to meet your needs.
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