Custom Aircraft Platforms

Custom Aircraft Platforms

Custom Aircraft Scaffold Platforms

  • Custom scaffold aircraft maintenance systems designed and manufactured around the clients needs and aircraft specification from single point access to complete wraparounds.
  • Custom designed complete aircraft scaffold docking system – with full customer input.
  • Custom aircraft scaffold stands are available with fixed base or with height adjustables.
  • We offer additional services such as jacking, electrics and pneumatics.

UpRight Custom Modular Systems

UpRight custom Modular scaffold system

  • Aircraft Scaffold Access stands designed for a specific aircraft application or multiple aircrafts improving utilisation and making the most of your investment.
  • Individual Aircraft Scaffold stands can be used for line maintenance or single point access – giving the versatility for stands to be used at every Check Level.
  • Can be combined with other modules to enable  larger working areas to carry out mulitple maintenance projects at once.
  • Can be used a temporary or fixed system.
  • The full dock system improves our clients maintenance operations by up to 25%. 


Upright Custom Scaffolding Systems

Upright Custom Scaffolding Systems

  • Use a combination of standard Aluminium & Steel components.
  • Provide increased versatility for a wide range of maintenance project.
  • Can stand alone or be integrated into a complete system for use as a temporary or fixed system.
  • Same stock can be utilised time and time again in different configurations giving the client higher utilization and making the most out of your investment.    

UpRight Low Level Access Stands / Off-The-Shelf Stands

UpRight Low Level Aircraft Access Stands

  • Standard low level off-the-shelf access equipment.
  • Ideal for use out on the flight line and in maintenance bays.
  • Simple and versatile Access Steps and Stairs, Cargo Door Stands, Walkways , Lower Level Work Platforms.
  • Quick and easy to assembly and manoeuvre to carry out maintenance and repairs efficiently.
  • Includes our Span, RightDeck, Snappy and Towermatic Range.  



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