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When working with Platforms or Lifts or Aerial work platforms you need to be on flat level ground. The beauty working with aluminum scaffolding is that you can work on uneven surfaces safely. That is accomplished by raising or lowering the adjustable legs of the aluminum scaffold tower to level the access platform and stabilize the.. read more →

UpRight Scaffold

A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of our most versatile construction materials available.  Just a mere recital of its characteristics is impressive. It is light in weight, yet some of its alloys have strengths greater than that of structural steel.  It has high resistance to corrosion under the majority of service conditions and no colored.. read more →

upright scaffold

UpRight Scaffold is the standard by which all other aluminum scaffold is measured. read more →

UpRight Scaffold Stairway

A complete 6 ft. stairway type section folds flat to a package only 6 1/2″ thick and weighs just 79 lbs. A 41 ft. scaffold fits easily into one small pick-up truck. There are no loose parts, nothing to lose. The features are built in. Used by thousands of factories,schools,power stations,contractors and public agencies through-out.. read more →

UpRight Scaffold Coast to Coast

UpRight Scaffold can ship any order big or small from our warehouse to your door faster and less expensive than anyone! read more →